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Big Ape Media International is a dynamic television and media company formed in 2006 by two leading industry figures, Stewart and Lucy Binns. Our recent productions include:

A Journey of Hope – 1 x 1hr documentary for FIFA (the international governing body of world football)
India, The Jewel in the Crown – 3 x 1 hr documentary for Discovery
Handshake for Peace – 4 minute promo for FIFA
Manchester United Soccer Schools – 4 minute promo
Spiritu – 3 minute promo for the Johann Olav Koss charity ‘Right to Play’
Royal Pedigree – 4 minute promo for
Arcus – 5 minute promo for the World Archery Federation
Sport Under Threat – 1 x 1hr for Discovery

For a full list of productions go to the ‘Production’ tab on this site.

Stewart is an award-winning producer having won various awards including a BAFTA, Peabody, Grierson, Golden Hugo, Indie, Criss, BANFF, Golden Sheaf and various RTS and Broadcast awards.

BAMI’s portfolio reflects our experience and expertise. It is a diverse company covering a range of skills and talents: Production in areas as varied as documentaries, entertainment and magazine programming, Sales and Distribution through a wide range of media outlets including dvd, inflight, new media and international broadcast sales, Client Representation, Archive, Consultancy and high-profile Events.

Stewart has a passion for Archive, both as the heritage of the media industry in all its forms, and as a treasure-trove to be exploited.

BAMI represents a group of talented people in its area of Client Representation.  The group includes presenters, dancers, performers, entertainers and media experts who, as well as being represented by BAMI, are involved in new productions, programmes and initiatives developed by them.

BAMI is committed to its mission statement: “Meeting Contemporary Media Challenges With Traditional Values.”  The modern media world is developing rapidly.  It often appears like a whirlwind of ever-changing technology, of competing voices offering different solutions and of constant commercial and professional challenges.  BAMI believes that the best way to navigate these turbulent but exciting times is to harness the values, expertise and experience of the past to maximize the opportunities of the future.

Click below to download our programming catalogue:

Big Ape Media International Programming Catalogue



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