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20th September 2014

We have recently finished our production 'India: The Jewel in the Crown' for Discovery which will be aired soon!

17th July 2014

Stewart's latest novel 'Shadow of War' is out today in hardback! It's the first of five books in his Great War series and is published by Penguin.

28th August 2013

Stewart's third blockbuster novel, Anarchy (Making of England #3) is out now and is selling well with rave reviews from readers all around the world.

Harold of Hereford, born of English noble blood and one of the nine founders of the Knights Templar, is a heroic survivor of the fearsome battles of the Crusader States. During a period of ruthless brutality, greed and ambition, Harold is a loyal warrior in the cause of Empress Matilda, and on his broad shoulders carries the legacy of England's past and its hope
for the future. This is Harold's story told by the greatest letter writer of the 12th Century, Gilbert Folio.

More information about Stewart and Anarchy can be found at

22nd August 2013

Our client Rachel Waddilove is busy continuing her consultations with parents advising them on many different problems from tantrums, weaning to sleep issues. By far the most common problem is getting their baby or young child to sleep through the night! Rachel is extremely experienced and often helps to resolve the problem with just an half an hour telephone consultancy. In other cases she will also do a home visit. Rachel provides a very personal service and we endeavour to have her directly in touch with parents within 24 hours of the inital enquiry. For tips for you and your baby or for further information about Rachel, you can visit her website

3rd August 2013

Here at Big Ape Media, we specialise in the distribution of programming for inflight entertainment. With many years experience and a vast array of contacts within the media industry, you can be sure that we'll get the best distribution possible. We are currently looking to expand our content catalogue, so if you are a production company that has programming cleared for inflight sales, and are interested in getting them onboard please contact us so we can discuss further. For any further information contact

17th July 2013

We are now well into production for India: The Jewel In the Crown for Discovery Asia. The 3 x 60 minute series uses incredible archive footage to tell the story of colonialism and freedom, of violence and hatred and of optimism and hope.
Presented by Vayu Naidu, India: The Jewel in the Crown will tell the dramatic story of a nation that has, in less than two generations, transformed itself from an imperial colony to the world's tenth biggest economy.

3rd June 2013

It is just over a month until the Goodwood Festival of Speed which takes place from 11th-14th July and the Goodwood Revival 2013 which takes place from 13th-15th September.

The Festival of Speed is the largest motoring garden party in the world – a unique summer weekend that brings together an impossibly heady mix of cars, stars and motor sport ‘royalty’ to create the largest car culture event in the world. Held in the immaculate grounds of Goodwood House, this annual event is a true celebration of motor sport and all things automotive.
This years
 Festival of Speed theme will celebrate the best of the first 20 years of this, the world’s most popular motor sport and car culture event. Goodwood will focus on highlights from the Festival’s glittering history, featuring the biggest, best, fastest, loudest and most outrageous vehicles of all time.

Goodwood will recapture many of the outstanding Festival of Speed moments from the 1993-2012 era, whether that’s great cars from around the world making a rare return to the UK; or famous car/driver pairings reunited, for a weekend not to be missed!

Big Ape Media is delighted to be representing the inflight rights to the highlight programmes of both events as well as to special 20th anniversary programme - if you are interested in licensing these rights please contact

13th May 2013 

We have just started production on a new series for Discovery Asia called 'India: The Jewel in the Crown'. The series will be 3x 1 hours for delivery in October.

From Stewart Binns, the award-winning producer of the ‘In-Colour’ genre of historical documentaries and the recent twentieth century trilogy – Indochine, Korea: the Forgotten War and Seisen, the Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire - India, the Jewel in the Crown is a story of colonialism and freedom, of violence and hatred and of optimism and hope.

Using recently discovered and previously unseen 20th century archive footage from as early as 1903 and colour film from 1937, India, the Jewel in the Crown will tell the dramatic story of a nation that has, in less than two generations, transformed itself from an imperial colony to the world’s tenth biggest economy.

The series will be archive-based and narrated by Vayu Naidu, and will include several location sequences shot in India, from where Vayu will introduce each episode and provide key links within the narrative.


24th January 2013

We have an internship/work experience opportunity (unpaid - sorry!) here at Big Ape. Please e-mail if interested:

We are looking for a dynamic, enthusiastic person who is reliable, hard-working, honest, organised and efficient to help us across various areas of our business.  Excellent computer skills are needed as well as experience with blogging and social media. Great people skills, a confident telephone manner and a desire to get on are also required.   A background in one or more of the following would be useful but not essential: Media, Production, Marketing, PR, Sales, Publishing, Social Media, SEO.

The job would be based in Winsham, Somerset, near Chard. Full or part-time with flexible hours and some home-working is also possible.

This is a great opportunity to gain excellent work experience and to increase knowledge and skill sets across a variety of areas (as set out below).

Television Production
• Shoot planning including: travel, insurance, crew booking.
• Support on shoots: PA work, Microphone boom operator, logging.

Media Sales
• Updating the programming catalogue (specifically for inflight sales) - writing some of the content, improving the design and layout and distributing it (by e-mail)
• Following up with inflight customers and to assist with driving sales
• Research work on programming ideas and generating ideas for broadcast programming
• Writing treatments (synopses) for programming ideas

Social Media
• Blogging on the Big Ape site and on the Stewart Binns site as well as on Facebook, Twitter. 
• Initiating social media campaigns and ideas.

• Updating websites content.

• Marketing work on behalf of our clients in order to seek out new opportunities for them.

• Seeking publicity for Stewart Binns as an author – so local and national media, writing courses, speaking opportunities etc


19th July 2012

We are delighted to tell you that we have just had confirmation from Discovery UK that 'Sport Under Threat', which we completed recently, will air in the UK on Thursday July 26th at 22:00 on Discovery UK -  an excellent slot, about which we are thrilled.


It is currently being broadcast on various Discovery channels all over the world, including continental Europe, South America and the Far East.  We hope you find it to be a thoughtful and balanced summary of the kind of security dilemmas sport has to deal with in our increasingly challenging world.

We are extremely grateful to the many people who made it possible and so readily offered their talents, insights and wisdom.




5th July 2012 

On Tuesday of this week Stewart was asked to take part in a television panel discussion for ESPN Classic discussing the film ‘Olympia’. Together with Guy Walters (Author & Historian) and Danny Leigh (Author & Film Critic), they talked about the film itself and the effect it had on cinema.
For those who may have forgotten, ‘Olympia’ was a documentary film released to great acclaim in 1938 by German actress and director Leni Riefenstahl.  It was the official film of the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin.  At the time it was considered groundbreaking, however it later became the subject of great controversy because of its Nazi imagery and its context within Hitler’s and Goebels’ fascist propaganda machine.

The film was released in two parts: Olympia 1. Fest der Völker (Festival of the People) and Olympia 2. Fest der Schönheit (Festival of Beauty).

The programme will be aired on ESPN Classic on Sunday 22nd July at 22.00 and will consist of our 15-20 minute panel discussion followed by the entire ‘Olympia’ film.  Edited versions will also be transmitted on 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th July at 22.30.   So keep an eye out (or two!) for it.

3rd July 2012

Big Ape’s clients have been very busy recently!

Rachel Waddilove is currently working on her 3rd book all about sleep.  As many of you will know lack of sleep is one of the most difficult things to deal with when you have a baby!  We know of people who haven’t had a proper night’s sleep for 5 years….yikes!  But that doesn’t need to be the case – if a baby is healthy and a reasonable weight, he/she can sleep through the night from 2 or 3 months old.   It really is possible and Rachel advocates a very loving routine – she has her own three children & grandchildren and has been in the baby business for over 40 years so we highly recommend her.  The Sleep Book is due out in January 2013.
If you require Rachel’s personal expertise regarding baby/childcare issues please contact us and we will put you in direct touch with Rachel. She can give you advice via phone call, email or home visits and we almost always respond within 24 hours.  For more info visit her website

Vincent and Flavia have been touring round the UK with their fantastic show Midnight Tango. They recently performed at the Liverpool Empire and in Edinburgh, again earning rave reviews. The Liverpool Echo even said “with their neat frames and imperious glances they could have stepped straight out of milonga in downtown Buenos Aires”.
They will be performing in Bristol this week so make sure you see them!  The show is coming to a close soon so if you would like to book Vincent and Flavia for any events please contact us here at Big Ape Media.

28th June 2012

With the Olympic Games nearly upon us if anyone has any requirements for Stewart Binns’ Olympic expertise please contact us. He is one of the UK’s foremost Olympic experts having worked closely with the International Olympic Committee and British Olympic Association for 25 years and thus been on the inside track of the Olympic Movement.  He was on the IOC’s Marketing Commission and was also a special adviser on bidding strategy to Sebastian Coe, leader of the London bid for the Olympic Games of 2012.  

Stewart has worked in the media for 35 years and whilst working at IMG Media he pioneered TWI’s Olympic relationship, especially the establishment of OTAB, the International Olympic Committee’s film and television archive and directed the innovative Camera of Record at each Olympic Games from Lillehammer in 1994 to Athens in 2004. In partnership with the IOC, he created and produced The Olympic Series, over a hundred and fifty hours of historical programming, including Olympic Century, the IOC’s official centennial history and many other promotional films like the History of the Torch.  

Stewart also ran major programmes of archive acquisition, restoration and copyright retrieval on behalf of the IOC.  He has an in-depth knowledge in film restoration, contract negotiation and the complexities of copyright law in many countries and brokered several sensitive deals, including the acquisition of Olympia, Leni Reifenstahl’s controversial film of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games and ran a very fractious court battle in Sydney on behalf of the IOC to win back the rights to the film of the 1956 Melbourne Games.

Stewart has recently completed the production of a 1 hour tv special for Discovery called ‘Sport Under Threat’ which examines the increasing terrorist and political threats to sports events – including of course The Olympic Games.

26th June 2012

The London Olympics is only 31 days away and with so much excitement and anticipation building, it will be something not to miss.

There are some local Somerset athletes that have qualified for the Olympics such as Siobhan-Marie O’Connor from Bath who is the youngest British swimmer to qualify for the Games. At just 16 she won the 100m breaststroke at the ASA National Championships in Sheffield. She is certainly one to look out for.

Stacey Tadd who is also from Bath is set to compete in the 200m breaststroke. Tadd recently broke the British 200m breaststroke record so hopefully she will be bringing back gold!

Here at BAMI we wish the whole of Team GB the best of luck and hope for lots of medals!

24th May 2012

We are delighted that Trans World Sport is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month!
Stewart launched Trans World Sport in 1987 and was the Executive Producer of it for 10 years. It is the world’s leading international sports news and features programme and the world’s most widely watched sports show being broadcast in over 120 countries globally. Originally broadcast on C4 in the UK, it is now broadcast on Sky. It consists of 52 episodes each year and has been in continuous weekly production ever since 1987 and is still voiced by Bruce Hammel and Sue Carpenter. Stewart launched it whilst working at the Mark McCormack owned TWI (part of IMG).
The show was a ground-breaking programme in international sports television. It captures all the world’s sports news combined with fascinating features about a wide range of sports from the world’s most popular to the worlds most obscure. It specialises in finding rare and ancient sports and also high-profile interviews. Stewart has interviewed almost every major international sports legend including Sir Donald Bradman, Joe Montana, Jean-Claude Killy, Pele, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, George Best and countless others.
Congratulations to everyone who has worked on the show over the last 25 years. It’s a remarkable achievement that it is still going strong – a credit to you all!

15th May 2012

Some more great programmes have been added to our BAMI catalogue such as:

Houses of Glory - a series on the World's greatest stadiums and focuses on areas of cutting edge design, history, tradition, unforgettable matches and the all-time greatest players. Find out why these places ultimately embody the sports you

I Want To Be - is an educational, inspirational and entertaining TV show that looks at elite athletes in sport and asks how they have become the best of the best. Reaching the top echelons of any sport, whether it is competing or managing, is a challenge that only a select few can say they have achieved.

Train To Win - The series examines everything from the lifestyle and training routines, to the coaches and characters behind sporting success on the world stage. From sports as old as Russian gymnastics to brand-new disciplines like free-running in the USA, Train to Win covers the spectrum of sports and gives you a first-hand look at the preparation that goes into winning. We examine the technology which has evolved to meet the
demands of 21st Century competition. From braving the depths of the oceans or scaling the highest mountains on Earth, Train to Win gets expert opinions and analysis from coaches and competitors alike about the best training arenas and bits of kit to maximise performance.

Footballers’ Lives - Footballers’ Lives explores the real-life melodrama that has become a by-product of ‘the beautiful game.’ We compile a steaming cauldron of stories from the boardroom to the bedroom, detailing the unique lives led by those in the high life of the sporting elite.

Much More Than A Game - Much More Than A Game takes the viewer into the lives of sports biggest fans. Over the course of this series we discover that fans come in all shapes and sizes but share a common passion. They live, eat, breathe and sleep it. They know the ins and outs, ups and downs and no matter what, they are there every step of the way.

The Contenders - Contested every four years, the European Football Championship brings together the biggest names and the best players from around Europe. Behind the FIFA World Cup, the Henri Delauney trophy is the most sought after trophy in European football by coaches, players and fans alike. In 2012 this will be no different. The Contenders (Poland - Ukraine) captures the highs and lows, colour and action, battles and excitement from all participating teams.

For more information contact Tel: 01460 30151.

1st May 2012

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for Somerset! The Queen, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh is visiting Yeovil and Crewkerne on her Diamond Jubilee tour. The Queen will be arriving in Crewkerne around 10.40 am where the Royal party will visit the Town Hall to view displays of local produce, historical items and documents.

This will be a very special moment for the locals who we are sure will be lining the streets waving flags!

Just to remind you if you are interested in any of our clients that BAMI represent then please contact: Tel: 01460 30151.

Strictly stars Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace are earning rave reviews as they tour nationally with Midnight Tango.

Sean Ruane, the extremely talented Tenor has performed all around Europe and The Independent newspaper said he possess “a voice of passion and beauty that locates him slap bang on the Three Tenors' plane.”

Rachel Waddilove is renowned as one of the leading baby and childcare experts in the world. Rachel has her own baby and childcare consultancy service Rachels Babies where she offers advice to parents via phone, email or home visits.

John Hudson studied at London's Guildhall. He has sung for the Scottish Opera, spent three months in New Zealand with the Auckland opera where he sang Alfredo and performed the title roles in Ernani and I Due Foscari for the Nationale Reisopera, Holland.

25th April 2012

We have new programmes added to the BAMI catalogue!

We currently have The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child available for inflight. These are a half hour annimated film based on the best-selling picture book written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler. Together both books have sold over 10 million copies worldwide and are considered as ‘Classics’, regularly topping polls of all-time favourite children’s books. With voices of Helena Bonham Carter, Rob Brydon, Robbie Coltrane, James Corden, John Hurt, Tom Wilkinson, The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child are must-see films for all ages.

We also have the Goodwood Festival of Speed - 28/6/12 – 01/07/12. This annual mid-summer event is held in the magnificent grounds of Goodwood House, West Sussex England and is, quite simply, the largest motoring garden party in the world. It is a unique and impossibly heady mix of cars, stars, speed and motor sport royalty, past and present. This 1 x 47' programme is available early August.

2012 Goodwood Motor Racing Revival - Celebrating Motorsports Heritage14-16 September 2012. Seven races in multiple categories around a classic race track untouched by the modern world, the Goodwood Revival really is a magical step-back in time, a unique chance to revel in the glamour and allure of motor racing past at one of the world’s most authentic circuits. Re-living the glory days of Goodwood, It is the biggest and the best, one of world’s most popular and historic motor race meetings and the only event of its kind to be staged entirely in the theme of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. This 1 x 47' programme is available early October.

19th April 2012

Exciting news for BAMI recently, we are going to Antalya, Turkey during 1st – 5th May for the Archery World Cup stage 2 outdoors, to do some filming of the athletes for the World Archery Federation’s promotional film.

Also we are currently editing Sport under Threat in London for Discovery. It will include interviews of people from the world of sport and the security officials that help make the world of sport a safe environment. With major sporting events coming this year such as the Olympics in London and Euro 2012, this programme will be relevant and informative.

2nd April 2012

As we prepare to produce the promotional film for the World Archery Federation, we thought it would be interesting to blog a little about this great sport.

Archery is a sport that goes back years and years before the modern day version that we have today with all the high-tech equipment and different techniques of shooting. To give you an idea of just how old archery really is the first composite bow was produced by the Egyptians. It was made from wood, tipped with animal horn and held together with animal sinew and glue. Unstrung, it resembled a "C" shape and would have required 2 people to string it. The bowstring was made from sheep intestines. The arrows used were extremely light, could be shot 400 yards using the composite bow and would easily penetrate the armour of that time period. The Egyptians used archers on the back of light chariots who were highly trained and skilled and could easily outflank an enemy army with devastating effect. Back in the day of the Roman Empire, they owed much of their military superiority to their skilled archers.

Archery has been practiced as a sport in England by both royalty and the general public. The earliest English archery societies dated from the 16th and 17th centuries.

The use or archery has changed throughout the years, from hunting animals for food to a weapon used for fighting but now archery is used for tournaments and the Olympic Games.

20th March 2012

BAMI are delighted to be producing a promotional film for the World Archery Federation. The aim of this organization was to create regular archery Championships and return archery to the Olympic Games which was successfully achieved in the 1972 Olympics. Historically, archery has been used for hunting and combat, while in modern times, its main use is that of a recreational activity. The oldest indication of its use in Europe comes from Germany and date about 10,000 - 9000 BC.

What a fantastic and ancient sport!

6th March 2012

We have just gone into production on a new film for Discovery about the threat of Terrorism at Sporting Events, sadly a very topical subject.
Completion date is mid-May so look out for it on Discovery after the start of the Olympics.

1st March 2012

Remember we are a production company based in the South West of England – and are available for any production projects including television productions, corporate promos, commercials, dvds etc. We can work nationally and internationally. We produce top-quality productions at affordable prices and have a wealth of experienced and talented production personnel to call upon. Nothing is too big or small – just contact us for more information. We also distribute programming (both our own titles and those we represent on behalf of others) to the broadcast, dvd and inflight markets – please do contact us if you need sales help with getting your project in front of the right people.

21st February 2012

If your looking to entertain clients during the Olympics contact us about out exciting Gala evening where top names of British sport will be attending with the likes of Daley Thompson, Sally Gunnell, Dame Mary Peters and Kriss Akabussi plus many more.

2nd February 2012

The full Olympic Gala Evening flyer is available to download here Great names such as Sir Steve Redgrave, Dame Kelly Holmes, Sir Matthew Pinsent and Steve Backley to name a few will be attending.

It really is a fantastic event so to make sure you don't miss out contact Lucy Binns at Tel:01460 30151

31st January 2012

We have recently completed the production of 'Seisen! The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire'. It is a 2x1 hour series for Discovery Asia currently being broadcast. Programme one focuses on the rise from 1905-1936, Tsushima and the conquest of Korea, the Coronation of Emperor Hirohito and expansion in Manchuria. Programme two then focuses on the fall 1937-1945, where there was all-out War in China and the fleeting glory of Pearl Harbour, defeat at Midway and the humiliation of surrender. With a significant amount of footage used that has never been broadcast before, this high production will make for compelling viewing.

24th January 2012

Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace started their sensational 'Midnight Tango' tour this week. If you are interested in booking them for endorsements, Corporate events etc.. contact Lucy Binns at Tel:01460 30151

24th January 2012

Looking for corporate entertainment during the Olympics? Do you want to offer client entertainment and feel involved in the Games? Do you not have any tickets or not enough? Look no further. We are organising 3 amazing Gala evenings on the 3 Saturdays of the Games. For more information go to our Events/Communications section of our website.

23rd January 2012

Remember if your looking for a high quality production company then come to us. We can offer the highest production values but with West Country prices! To find out more you contact us at Tel: 01460 30151.

19th January 2012

BAMI has now joined Facebook and Twitter! you can follow us on twitter: @Bigapemedia or 'Like' our Facebook page. You can find the links on the bottom of the Home page. We will be tweeting updates or posting on Facebook forthcoming events and what BAMI is up to.

9th January 2012

BAMI is proud to announce that it will hold three fantastic Gala Evenings during the London 2012 Olympic Games. On each of the three Saturdays during the games - July 28th, August 4th and August 11th some of the greatest British Olympians will gather at a Grade 1 listed venue to celebrate the most important sporting event in history. With the host being former tennis player Andrew Castle and with the company of Sir Steve Redgrave, Sir Matthew Pinsent, Dame Kelly Holmes, Sally Gunnell, Chris Boardman, Steve Backley, Rebecca Romero, Tessa Sanderson, Dame Mary Peters, Allan Wells, Kriss Akabussi, Lynn Davies, David Hemery, Steve Batchelor, Stephanie Cook, Derek Redmond, Richard Faulds, Sean Kerly, they will be nights to remember.

For information on this event look at out Events/Communications page on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you next summer.

For more information contact Lucy Binns on 01460 30151 or

9th January 2012

Meet the Author Lunch at the Alexandra Hotel, Lyme Regis has been organised for Thurday 2nd February 2012 from 12.30pm-3.00pm. It is a chance to meet Stewart and get a signed copy of Conquest. £26.50 per head.

There is also a great opportunity to attenda Creative Writing Course with Stewart at the Alexandra Hotel, Lyme Regis. This will take place on Monday 20th February 2012. Prices from £865 includes full board, champagne reception and the three day course.

To book a place for either of these days contact Hannah at Tel: 01297 442010. For more information contact Lucy at

We hope to see you there!

10th October 2011

Read the below blog from Stewart Binns andthen click on the following link (Historical Novel Society in order to have a chance to win £50 worth of Amazon tokens!

9th October 2011

Some thoughts from Stewart Binns on Edgar the Atheling:

The Great Survivor

Edgar the Atheling and 1066

It is difficult to decide whether Edgar the Atheling was fortunate to be only fourteen during the dramatic days of autumn, 1066. His tender years meant that he survived the cull of the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy executed by the Norman victors, but it also meant he was denied a prominent place in history as the last King of the Saxons.

Edgar was born in Hungary, where his father, Edwarsof Exile, son of King Edmund II (Ironside), had spent most of his life, having been sent to exile after Edmund's death andthe conquest of England by the Danish King, Cnut in 1016. He was Edward's only son, but had two sisters, Margaret and Cristina.

He returned to England with his father around 1057, but his father died in mysterious circumstances within days of setting foot on English soil, making Edgar the direct heir to Edward the Confessor. Several people have been blamed for the sudden death of Edgar's father, including the Earl of Wessex, Harold Godwinson, who would eventually succeed Edward the Confessor. Natural causes may well have been the reason, but rumours abounded about the unexpected death. Not for the first time, Edgar's life must also have been in danger at this time.

Little is known of his life until the events of 1066, but it is presumed he spent his time at King Edward's court perfecting his English and familiarising himself with his native people.

When Edward the Confessor died, there seemed to be no real appetite within the Witan to make Edgar King; pragmatism suggesting that the warrior prowss of Harold, Earl of Wessex, was a better bet, given the threats posed by the Normans, Danes and Norwegians.

Following King Harold's death in the slaughter of Senlac Ridge (Hastings), Edgar was proclaimed King. But as soon as England's new master, William Duke of Normandy,approached London, Edgar.s support melted away and he had no choice but to submit to the Normans.

His life the unfolded in a series of paradoxical, prehaps opportunistic, relationships with the Normans.

He rebelled more than once, possibly including the rebellion of 1069, was reconciled; befriended William's first born, Robert Curthose, and twice acted as intermediary between the Normans and his brother-in-law, Malcolm Canmore, King of the Scots. He travelled to Norman Italy and Sicily, where he may well have fought in the campaigns against the Muslims and Byzantines and Orderic Vitalis tells us that he accompanied Robert Curthose on the First Crusade, although there is some confusion about dates in the accounts.

Nevertheless, he was still close to Robert and fought with his at the Battle of Tinchebrai in 1106, when the Conqueror's surviving sons fought for his legacy. Roberts' defeat consigned his to confinement for the rest of his life by his younger brother, Henry I, the third Norman King of England. But Edgar was spared yet again.

It is known that Edgar, the last of the great Cerdician Dynasty of Wessex and England, was still alive well into the 120's living in obscurity somewhere in England. There is no record of any offspring, nor is there any record of the location of his grave.

7th October 2011

Stewart's first novel 'Conquest' was published by Penguin in February 2011 and has to date sold over 60,000 copies making him the leading historical fiction debut author this year! He has just completed the sequel 'Crusade' to be published by Penguin on 26th April 2011.

7th October 2011

We are now providing Broadcast and Development consultancy services to WISPA - the Women's International Squash Players Association. Great organisation and squash is such a fantastic sport!

7th October 2011

Welcome to Big Ape Media's new blog!