BAMI is a bespoke production company founded in 2006 and based in the South-West of England but also with production facilities in London and Bristol. Our full list of productions is below. We have many years experience and have access to a huge range of extremely talented people across the many areas of production so every possible brief and requirement can be met to the highest possible standards. We cover a wide range of output including promos, corporate work, commercials, one-off programmes to full television series and outside broadcasts.   

Our head of production Stewart Binns has won numerous awards including a BAFTA, Peabody, Grierson, RTS, Indie, Golden Sheaf, Criss, Golden Hugo, BANFF, Golden and many more.

Stewart spent twenty years at TWI  (now IMG Media) as Senior International Vice-President & Director of Special Projects, where he conceived and launched two ground-breaking international series, Trans World Sport and Futbol Mundial, both of which are still in production twenty-five years later.  He was Executive Producer on Trans World Sport for ten years during which it achieved a global audience reach of 500 million viewers worldwide and was the world’s most widely watched sports programme!

Stewart pioneered TWI’s Olympic relationship, especially the establishment of OTAB, the International Olympic Committee’s film and television archive and directed the innovative Camera of Record at each Olympic Games from Lillehammer in 1994 to Athens in 2004. In partnership with the IOC, he created and produced The Olympic Series, over a hundred and fifty hours of historical programming, including Olympic Century, the IOC’s official centennial history.   He became an adviser to the IOC on media, communication and marketing and was made a member of the IOC Marketing Commission.

Renowned for imaginative and creative storytelling, his list of definitive sports programming includes the All England Club’s official history, Wimbledon: A History of the Championships, The People’s Game, FIFA’s official history of world football and Tiger, the official biography of Tiger Woods.

Stewart led TWI’s diversification into factual programming with a range of original productions, including Artworld, Fabulous Fortunes, Inventions, Century, Churchill and the ground-breaking ‘In Colour’ series of historical documentaries in collaboration with the renowned archive specialist Adrian Wood.   Using previously unseen original colour film from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, over 30 hours of programming over the next five years radically altered the presentation of twentieth century history and bought the reality of WWII to the younger generation who had previously thought of it only in black and white. The first ‘In Colour’ series called The Second World War in Colour, was included in the ‘100 Most Influential TV Programmes Ever Made’ by the UK‘s TV critics in 1999. His ‘In-Colour’ genre went on to include other multi-award winning series, Britain at War, Japan’s War, Anzacs, D-Day and Canada at War.  

In 2004, Stewart moved to Octagon CSI to become Head of Production where he oversaw the re-structuring of its production output, running his own division of the company with its own premises, staff and budget. He launched two new international football anthologies, Golazo! and The Football League Show. Stewart also widened Octagon’s content portfolio to include the factual entertainment series, What Price Fame? And Chasing Churchill, the first historical documentary to be produced in High Definition and Surround Sound.

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BAMI’s productions include:

2016 Chuan’s Ocean 4 x 1hr documentaries for Guo Chuan Racing

2015 Mao in Colour: a Study in Tyranny 1hr documentary for Discovery and ZDP

2015 English Academy 4 min promo for Exportise Sporting Academy

2014  A Journey of Hope 1 x 1hr documentary for FIFA – broadcast worldwide by FIFA’s rights holders

2014  India, The Jewel in the Crown 3 x 1hr documentary for Discovery and worldwide broadcast

2013  Handshake for Peace 4 min promo for FIFA and the Nobel Peace Centre

2013  Manchester United Soccer Schools 4 min promo for CMT Learning

2012  Spiritu 3 min promo for the Johann Olav Koss charity Right to Play

2012  Royal Pedigree 4 min promo for ABC.Com US

2012  Arcus 5 min promo for the World Archery Federation.

2012  Sport Under Threat  1 x 1hr documentary for Discovery.

2011  Seisen, The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Empire 2 x 1hr documentary for Discovery Asia.

2011  Road to London 60 sec commercial for the London Mint Office for the 2012 London Games.

2011  Volvo Ocean Race 6 min race simulator film for Volvo Ocean Race.

2011  Places People Play 10 min promo for Sport England.

2011  Beauty Reborn 15 min documentary Feature about sculptor Rossa Serra for Honav China.

2010  Korea The Forgotten War in Colour 2 x 1hr documentary to mark the 60th anniversary of the                      Korean War for Discovery Asia.

2010  Mission Hills, Tribute to David Chu  10 min personal tribute for Mission Hills Resorts China.

2010  Mission Hills 60 sec TV commercial for Mission Hills Resorts, China.

2010  Dream 6 min commercial for Crystal CG China.

2009  Indochine 2 x 1hr documentary about Indochina – 1937 to 1975 for Discovery Asia.

2009  Imagination  8 min promo for Crystal CG China.

2009  Sean 6 min promo for Sean Ruane, opera singer.

2008  Phil Daniels’ Football Matchday Madness 60 min DVD for Fremantle.

2008  Ruud – Soccer Legend 1 x 1hr documentary for 19 Entertainment.

2007  Sochi 2014 promotional film for Sochi’s bid for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games Producer                                 (with New Moon Productions)

2007  Sochi 2014 promotional film for Sochi’s bid for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games Producer                                 (with New Moon Productions)

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